Bangkok Travel Guide: 10 Places You Should Not Miss

If you are traveling to Bangkok, this article will help you plan the best vacation. Here is a list of Bangkok’s 10 must visit attractions.

The Grand Palace
The Royal Thai family used the grand palace for over 150 years. Once in the grand palace do not miss the Emerald Buddha statue.

The Floating Market
This is an authentic shopping experience which is extremely popular with locals and tourists.

The third attraction on our list is the exciting and chaotic Chinatown. Try to visit the area at night when Chinatown turns into a huge night market.

The Chao Phraya River
A great thing to do is to take a day cruise as well as a night one to get the real Bangkok experience. A cruise will also give you an opportunity to spot all the main attractions of the city from a new and relaxing angle.

The Chatuchak Market
This is another one-of-a-kind shopping experience at the Chatuchak market which opens on Saturday and Sunday. The market hosts over 9,000 stalls offering everything one could imagine from authentic Thai music instruments to colorful tropical fish. This is the place to get some of your gifts for family and friends back home.

Khao San Road
This is the most popular street in Bangkok. With its vibrant atmosphere, it is located not far away from the old city and with so many budget hotels it turned into the capital of the backpackers during the night. The place turns into one international party with many pubs, restaurants, and even a knife market near.

The Jim Thompson Museum
The Jim Thompson Museum was dedicated to the American soldier that came to Bangkok after the war and developed its international silk industries. The museum itself was built out of six different traditional houses from various parts of the country making it had hated for architecture fans.

The Roof Terrace
You can go up in the air to get a panoramic view of Bangkok by climbing to the top of the roof terrace and enjoy a breathtaking view day or night. Try the Banyan hotel or the state tower.

CM Paradise
The last attraction on this list is CM paradise for shopaholics. This area is just one big shopping mall next to the other start with a BK center which has over two thousand and five hundred stores or the CM Paragon which on top of its stores offers you the biggest aquarium in Southeast Asia.

There are many more attractions to visit in Bangkok, hopefully, this guide will help you plan your next vacation well.