How to prepare properly for a long distance flight

If you feel the itch to pack your bags and get out there but your dream destination simply won´t come closer to you it is time for a long distance flight. For most people this means – welcome to Economy and welcome to discomfort. But no need to grind your teeth! Here are a few easy tricks to make life, and long distance travel, easier.

Come prepared
You have checked all your boxes for travel preparation, your passport is still valid and in your pocket. It is time to pack your carry-on comfy-bags for the plane:

One of them holds an emergency set of clothes, most importantly fresh underwear and a shirt. This is in case your luggage arrives late or goes missing. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen, however, some airports and airlines have a questionable reputation for losing or misplacing bags. It also turns out to be comfortable if you happen to get stuck at an airport for a little while, see if you can take a shower. You would not believe how much better you feel all clean with fresh clothes on. Pack a pair of support stockings to prevent your legs and feet from swelling up during the flight. Choose wide and flexible clothes for the journey.

Another bag is like a little travel pharmacy. Get some disinfecting tissues to wipe your hands and the armrests on the plane. Earplugs will help with airplane and passenger noises. Nasal spray gives relief when the pressure gets to your head. It is never wrong to have a few pills to help with stomach problems or a headache in your carry-on as well. A toothbrush and toothpaste as well as lip balm and moisturizing cream will freshen you up on the way!

The last little bag contains your personal on-board entertainment. Sometimes the film selection on a plane is all you can ask for. Sometimes it´s just not for you. Choose your toy, make sure your electronics are fully charged, just like your powerbank, maybe you even have noise-cancelling headphones. Get your travel pillow and you’re good to go!

Up in the air
There are two things you should keep an eye on whilst travelling long-distance. One of them is hydration and the other one is physical activity.

It is essential to drink enough water on a plane as air humidity is not at an ideal level of 40-60% but merely 15%. To keep your blood flowing and avoid clots you need to drink at least 250ml of water or juice an hour, avoid alcohol, and keep moving. This might be tricky, especially if you´re caught on the middle seat, but there is little exercises you can do even with limited space. So get yourself comfortable, take your shoes off and don´t cross your legs!

Oh the jet lag
Everyone should be trying to avoid a jet lag as it can make you feel tired and moody and make you lose appetite and concentration. Depending on the time zone your body might need up to 2 weeks to adjust. It is generally easier on your system to travel from East to West than the other way. But there is a few things you can do to help. Already at home you can try and go to bed early or late on the day before your flight, depending on the time zone you´re travelling to. Maybe you even manage to sleep on the plane when it´s night time in your destination. And once you and your luggage are finally there, take time to rest and use the first day for stress-free exploring out and about!