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Perth, Australia Travel Guide

Across the vast Australian desert or the Indian Ocean is Perth. It is a city with about 2 million people and it is the capital of Western Australia. Perth is widely regarded as Australia’s friendliest metropolis and among the most livable cities in the world. The wealth of mineral resources and the surrounding nature attracts different people from across the world. Perth offers a coastline with clear water and pristine beaches.

Swan Bell Tower

The cityscape of Perth shows a mix of a variety styles from the Tudor inspired London court to the towering Art Deco, limestone facades, and glass offices reflect the earth, sky, past, and future of this city. For a wonderful view of all this, head to the iconic Swan Bell Tower.

King’s Park

This is where the first explorers found a natural spring and there are still a lot to discover here. This inner city is larger than New York Central Park and it is possible to spend a day here. You can also explore the Botanic Gardens and stop at remarkable trees and monuments.

Art Gallery

Browse through the Western Australia Art Gallery to witness the development of Perth through art from the days of wool trade and farming to the establishment of the Swan River Colony. The botanists in the early days grew grapes and Perth is now known as a wine region.

Swan Valley

If you have a nose for quality produce, take a day trip to the Swan Valley. This area is filled with boutique wineries, so take your time to find the best Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

Royal Mint

In the late 19th century, many of Western Australia’s farmers caught gold fever. See the largest coin ever made at the Royal Mint and some of the region’s greatest gold nuggets.

Cottesole Beach

This is one of Perth’s present day treasures and the best thing about this beach is that it is right at the doorstep of the city. Join the locals on the near perfect waves by renting a board.

Western Australian Museum

Learn about the state’s amazing marine environment and archaeological treasures by visiting the Western Australian Museum. The Hilary Boat Harbour even offers more great views. A great place for the sunset dinner is the Sorrento Quay Board walk.

Rottnest Island

Take a ferry to Rottnest Island, from the Barracks downtown or the harbor. For many locals, Rotto is a favorite weekend getaway. Walk along the stunning coastline and snorkel in the warm Indian Ocean.

For those that love a little solitude, the sun, sand, and surf, Perth is waiting to be discovered.